Are times becoming more positive?

Are times becoming more positive?

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

By Greg Dattilo, CEBS

President, Dattilo Consulting, Inc. and ClientServ LLC

Despite the challenges we’ve all been facing the last two years, it seems the year is ending on a more positive note. There is now a sense that we are not only going to get through this, but we’re going to come out of it stronger. A sense of predictability is returning to our nation, and this gives me hope for 2022.

Christmas, of course, offers us a sense of peace during this time of increased challenges.

At Dattilo Consulting, Inc., we are quite upbeat about 2022. We strongly believe we live in a country with tremendous opportunities.

Like others, we have been adapting our services to prepare for tomorrow. We’re finding new ways to support you with your employee benefits and help you achieve a predictable and positive year in 2022.

At DCI, we’re finding ways to improve our services. Beginning in January 2022, we will be bringing you a new H.R. resource that had previously only been available to Fortune 500-type businesses. This new human resource portal features unlimited access to H.R. support. It also includes hundreds of employee training videos in multiple languages to provide employer resources to meet today’s new challenges.

Another positive change in 2022 comes from a new consumer-protection law, one that individuals have been demanding for decades. You or someone you know has likely received a “surprise bill,” a medical bill that leaves a person facing thousands of dollars in unexpected medical cost. These usually happen when a person consumes medical care outside of their provider network.

Now, after many years of failing to solve this surprise billing problem, in 2020 Congress and the prior administration passed the “No Surprises Act.” The new law, effective January 1, 2022, protects individuals from this devastating practice – surprise medical bills will be unlawful. Finally, a real consumer protection law that will actually save individuals from medical price gouging that has, sadly, been all too common.

As 2021 ends, we hope that you and your employees have a prosperous, healthy 2022 that will exceed your expectations. We thank you for the trust you have given to us year after year, and we pledge to continue earning that trust each day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

Greg Dattilo, CEBS
[email protected]

A frequent lecturer on insurance and health care issues, Dattilo is the chief executive officer of Dattilo Consulting Inc., and ClientServ, LLC, both located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dattilo Consulting offers comprehensive benefits planning services to a wide range of companies and organizations, while ClientServ provides support and administrative service to Dattilo Consulting and other benefit firms.