Benefits Consulting

When employers take action to provide an attractive, affordable benefit plan that takes care of employees, turnover rates go down and the organization thrives.

DCI creates an overall benefits strategy that produces security, trust, and nurturing of employees where everyone feels part of something bigger.

Our plan design provides employee-friendly benefits with affordability for both the employee and employer.

For more than 38 years, DCI has provided successful consulting services that are measured by:

Benefits Cost

DCI demonstrates employer costs of 43 percent less than the national average. Employee costs, likewise, are 21 percent less than the national average.

Employee Appreciation

DCI clients demonstrate a consistently high employee appreciation of their benefits with higher enrollment in the company program when compared to national averages.

Client Satisfaction

The quality of DCI’s consulting services is measured by its high client retention rate.

DCI has retained more than 97.2 percent of its clients during the past 10 years.


Employees truly value affordable benefits along with exceptional communication for making decisions. With benefits that are simple and easy to implement, everyone’s cost drops and appreciation excels.

Communication is key to delivering a successful benefit program. DCI’s communication strategies result in high employee participation, which translates to employee satisfaction.

DCI’s strategies include printed and digital communications tailored to your company, with personalized enrollment materials for each participant.

On-site enrollment services are included, with multi-lingual enrollment staff – including Spanish and Hmong.

Consulting not sales

A benefits consulting firm differs from a sales organization in how it measures its success.

A sales organization measures success by how much product is sold.

A benefits consulting firm measures success by what it delivers to clients, by cost and employee appreciation.

Consulting firms are not all the same

Some consulting firms pride themselves on creativity, producing benefits that are an administrative nightmare. Their ideas sound good during the planning stage, but during implementation, confusion and complexity drives down employee satisfaction that is measured in low employee participation.

For example: A complex voluntary life insurance program with too many options results in fewer than 50 percent of employees enrolling. A less complex program would have greater employee satisfaction with more than 50 percent enrollment.

Fee and Commission Transparency

The value of a service is determined by what a client receives and how much it costs.

DCI is fully transparent with its fees and commissions to make it simple for clients to measure our value.

We know we deliver high value by our client retention of 97 percent year-after-year.

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