DCI-ClientServ Recommended Reading

The Manual – Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots

The Manual (870x870)

By Greg Dattilo, CEBS and Dave Racer, MLitt

Explore the factors that have made U.S. health care the most consumer-unfriendly system in the country. Then discover an alternative system that creates a consumer-friendly marketplace where patients can shop for care based on price, access, and quality. Where total price transparency creates competition to increase quality and reduce cost.

Your Health Matters

Your Health Matters

By Greg Dattilo, CEBS and Dave Racer, MLitt

This book reads fast, like a novel, but is jammed full with background information to help the reader understand the pre-ObamaCare marketplace. The authors identify numerous strengths, challenges, weaknesses, and offer ideas to improve the delivery of health care. They offer a glimpse of “single payer” health care from Canada, the United Kingdom. France, Germany and a glimpse of the Japanese systems. This book is necessary reading for anyone who really wants to know why we face so many challenges with our health care.

Comprehensive Health Care Redesign

Comprehensive HC Redesign

By Dave Racer, MLitt

This book discusses what most of the others forget – that certain common sense considerations are necessary to devise a new or better health system. Instead of politically-charged rhetoric, this short book discusses key elements of design that everyday people need to know – and Congress needs to know. It is inconceivable that anyone would undergo health care reform without this information.

Why Health Care Costs so Much – Governments’ Real Role


By Greg Dattilo, CEBS and Dave Racer, MLitt

This book is filled with ideas about what federal and state governments ought to be doing to foster a private market for health care. It demonstrates what happens when governments’ confine themselves to legitimate roles – protecting health, enforcing contracts, providing a level playing field – instead of controlling of health care. It offers common sense health care payment reforms that put people in charge.

Why Health Care Costs so Much – Solution: The Consumers


By Greg Dattilo, CEBS and Dave Racer, MLitt

This book provides a story of how health care insurance and delivery has gone off the rails, and how to set it right. It promotes consumer power, with patients asking about the price of health care, and opening up a dialogue with their physicians. It shows how to create a freer market for health care.

FACTS: Not Fiction – What Really Ails the U.S. Health Care System

Facts not Fiction

By Greg Dattilo, CEBS and Dave Racer, MLitt

ThisĀ  booklet debunks several myths single-payor advocates use to push for government-run health care. Although the statistics in the book are old, the ideas remain the same.