Administration by ClientServ

DCI manages administrative services through its sister company, ClientServ

ClientServ pioneered providing employers with state-of-the-art, electronic benefit administration in 1996 to streamline employee transactions, with guaranteed accuracy. We have successfully processed more than 300,000 administrative transactions.

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Day To Day

Onboarding Options

All options include customized “New Hire Employee Packets.” Choose between packet or booklet style, black and white or color, and paper or electronic delivery

Cooperative Enrollment

This no-cost enrollment service allows employers easy enrollment of new hires, using the New Hire Employee Packet. Questions can be directed to the ClientServ employee hotline, including employees that speak only Hmong or Spanish. All enrollment materials are conveniently forwarded to one place  – ClientServ.

Direct Enrollment

Let ClientServ enroll your new hire for a modest fee. Direct Enrollment is for the employer who has little time to explain benefits to new hires. Let ClientServ explain your benefits from the perspective of a caring employer who has the employee’s welfare high on its list of priorities.

Automated Enrollment

Are you a larger employer with several locations, or have multiple enrollments each month? Do you need a one-stop, open enrollment portal to manage your annual open enrollment? This automated enrollment option is low-cost and provides an answer for high volume enrollment, changes, and terminations. You can manage all employee files in one digital location.

Termination (off-boarding)

ClientServ is unique as the only COBRA administrator that guarantees COBRA premium will be administered accurately and timely, or ClientServ will pay the COBRA premium.

Most Fortune 500 companies outsource the burden of COBRA administration. You can, too. We have been managing COBRA for our clients since 1989 at no cost to them.

Our clients appreciate our willingness to do their COBRA administration, to conform to strict state and federal compliance requirements.

Open Enrollment

Communication is key to delivering a successful benefit program. DCI’s open enrollment options result in high employee participation, which translates to employee satisfaction.

Open enrollment materials

DCI designs customized, attractive enrollment materials, with easy to understand benefits and options that promote employer goodwill.

Group meetings

The most-preferred way to delivery open enrollment information, when location and scheduling permits, is when DCI consultants lead a face-to-face discussion of benefits, demonstrating to your employees that you care.

Digital distribution

DCI provides you with customized digital materials when your employees are off-site, work at multiple locations, or have multiple shifts, replacing or in addition to a group meeting.

HRA Administration

DCI and ClientServ deliver cost-saving strategies by designing, implementing, and administrating HRAs that produce improved benefits with high employee appreciation.

Benefit Design

DCI consultants work with you to develop a customized HRA plan that is valued by your employees.

Plan Document

When we design your HRA plan, we also provide you with the Plan Document that keeps you compliant with government regulations.


DCI designs easy-to-understand employee communications, taking the burden from you by providing materials ready to distribute to employees.

Reimbursement Processing

DCI offers several options including low-cost HRA claim processing.

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