How to change the high cost of health care: Fire the health care “experts” and hire the real experts – Consumers

How to change the high cost of health care: Fire the health care “experts” and hire the real experts – Consumers

By Grant Dattilo

We’ve been trusting health care financial “experts” to deliver “affordable” care, but they are failing.  The “experts” have given us an average annual 6.1% premium increase during the past 20 years. During this same period, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) averaged 2.1%.[i] Health care premiums nearly tripled CPI.

In 2020, Kaiser Family Foundation reports the average annual health insurance premium for a family-of-four with employer-provided insurance soared to $21,342.[ii] This translates to more than $10.00 per hour for full time employees, and exceeds in many cases, their mortgage payments.

We should have fired these health finance experts years ago. They’ve created the most consumer-unfriendly marketplace imaginable. What we need is a consumer-friendly marketplace.

Let’s let the real experts loose—health care consumers—to finally reduce the price of health care. It can be done.

The Manual – Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots, by Greg Dattilo and Dave Racer[iii] provides background and a better, simpler way to create a consumer-friendly health care marketplace. I want you to have a free, downloadable, digital version of this valuable 96-page manual. See below how to get a copy.

The Manual is easy to read and full of information and will guide you toward understanding what drives up the price of care and a way forward for us to pay less than today. For instance:

  • See why incomprehensible, complicated pricing systems are designed to keep you in the dark.
  • Discover the open-ended promise to pay contract you sign every time you use medical services that could devastate you financially.
  • Learn how to avoid surprise billings that can drive you to bankruptcy.
  • See the new way to evaluate provider quality.
  • Discover how the interests of patients and employers are misaligned with those of providers, payors and government – to the detriment of patients.

Enjoy the section on a new way to do price transparency; a single number that allows patients to easily shop for the best value, and which will force providers to be more price competitive.

The key to reducing health insurance premiums is a clear, simple and easy to understand way to compare provider prices. The Manual – Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots, lays all this out in an easy-to-read and understandable way.

The answer to paying less for care is simple. It starts with knowing the price before using the service and having access to price-competitive providers.

The Manual shows how we can go from a consumer-unfriendly marketplace to a consumer-friendly marketplace with very little need for new laws.

Complete the form below and you will be able to download a free copy of The Manual – Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots.

(If you want to purchase a printed copy of the manual, use this link.)

[i] The Manual, p 44-45


[iii] Racer, Dave; Dattilo, Greg. (2020) The Manual – Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots. January 2020. Alethos Press, Woodbury MN.

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Take advantage of this offer to get all the background information to understand a simple form of price transparency to unlock a consumer marketplace in health care.

Grant Dattilo