Should Government Determine Your Quality of Health Care?

Should Government Determine Your Quality of Health Care?

By Greg Dattilo, CEBS

More than 100,000 Minnesotans will be losing their individual medical insurance on Jan. 1, 2017. This has happened for the first time in Minnesota history.

On Jan, 1, 2016, Minnesota also broke a new record – we experienced the largest premium increases for individual medical insurance in history. This all comes after Jan. 1, 2014, when Minnesota led the nation with the lowest health insurance premiums in the nation and with one of the lowest uninsured populations in the country.

So in just three years, Minnesota goes from the most competitive insurance market, to one that is now collapsing. The main reason was that the infrastructure of Minnesota health insurance was replaced with the new federal infrastructure known as the Affordable Care Act.

Minnesota infrastructure goes back to 1976, when the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) was created that allowed all Minnesota residents affordable health insurance with no -pre-existing condition to those that did not game the system.

The new laws that replaced our Minnesota system was known to be so toxic that it would destroy any insurance market. Take car insurance, and apply the new federal law and require pre-existing accidents to be covered by your car insurance. Those with bad driving records and high insurance premiums would drop their insurance and only apply when needed, after an accident. The car insurance must cover the pre-existing accident that totaled your car at the replacement cost of say $25,000. You pay the premium for a month, collect your $25,000 and drop your insurance until your next claim. If people could buy car insurance this way, the car insurance industry would collapse, just as our medical insurance industry is collapsing today.

You will soon see the last step of Obamacare attempting to permanently replace your private health insurance with a government-run mandatory system — you know, the kind Canada has, that works well until you get seriously ill or hurt. We all should know that Canadians come here to Minnesota when they need lifesaving and timely treatment. The news from our governor will be, our system is so broken only the government can save us from ourselves! But, it is the government that has destroyed our private health insurance in Minnesota.

Is it wise to trust the government with your healthcare that determines our quality of life and how long we live?

This article first appeared in the Chanhassen Villager, November 3, 2016.

Greg Dattilo, CEBS

A frequent lecturer on insurance and health care issues, Dattilo is the chief executive officer of Dattilo Consulting Inc., and ClientServ, LLC, both located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dattilo Consulting offers comprehensive benefits planning services to a wide range of companies and organizations, while ClientServ provides support and administrative service to Dattilo Consulting and other benefit firms.